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What is Componeer

COMPONEER, direct composite veneers, are polymerised, pre-fabricated nano-hybrid-composite enamel-shells, which combine the advantages of direct composite restoration with those of lab-made Veneers. COMPONEER are a completely new class of veneers. They are manufactured industrially from highly filled nano-hybrid-composite which ensures excellent homogeneity and stability of the enamel shells. The extremely thin veneer coatings from 0.3 mm allow a high level of conservation of hard tooth substance during preparation. The shiny and naturally designed surface adds a look of vitality to the restoration. Read more...

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We all want to look our best, and a great smile is top of many peoples list when it comes to looking good. Your smile is one of the first things someone notices about you. Over the years your teeth can lose their natural white colour as they become stained by smoking, coffee, wine and other substances. Fortunately there is a quick, easy and cost effective way to bring back your white teeth - Zoom advanced power.

Overcoming Dental Phobias the Chris Siddons way!

Nobody likes going to the dentist. But for some people, the problems run deeper and form a phobia. The causes of dental phobia can be many and varied. Read More...

Dental Implants placed by Dr Chris Siddons BSc BDS

A dental implant is an artificial root which is generally inserted into the jaw bone. After a period of around 3 months your bone cells fuse to the surface of the implant thus allowing them to support a restoration such as a bridge or a crown. In patients with loose dentures, dental implants can also be used to stabilise them.

Once the implant has fused to the bone, a post is then screwed into the implant. A crown can then be cemented to the post. For larger gaps, multiple implants may be required.

The greatest advantage of dental implants is that they do not affect the teeth next to them, and research over the past 30 years consistently shows restorations supported by implants are the longest lasting when compared to standard dentures of bridgework. Multiple research papers show success rates of 95-99%.

Treatment involving implants does however take longer to complete than other options and involves several stages. It may therefore be necessary to fill the gap with a temporary denture or bridge while the implant is healing to the bone. Some minor oral surgery is also required which inevitably leads to some swelling, bruising and discomfort for a few days after surgery. Recovery however is usually very quick.

If there is insufficient bone to place an implant, it can usually be generated with a bone graft procedure, but this may delay implant placement by a further 3-4 months.

Treatment can also be arranged under sedation if necessary.


Straight Teeth by DR Chris Siddons BSC BDS and LR Appliances

The world of orthodontics has moved on recently allowing all sorts of improvements to be made to minor imperfections in the alignment of teeth, even giving the opportunity to have removable braces which only have to be worn at night. More of us are prepared at a later stage in our lives to undertake orthodontic treatment and there are solutions for all problems however minor.

LR is a custom appliance that utilises the latest in dental materials to provide a small, discreet appliance to deliver orthodontic forces to the teeth to effectively straighten them. The appliances use light metal spring forces to apply pressure to both sides of the teeth that need aligning. These gentle physio-biological forces mould the teeth into alignment.

Dr Siddons will discuss your case with you and take high resolution impressions (accurate to less than 4 microns), a record of how your teeth meet. He will also take appropriate X-rays and close up photographs of your teeth so LR Diagnostic Services, the registered orthodontist's, can diagnose and advise the best treatment for you. We will upload the information to the on-line secure server and send your impressions ready for diagnosis and planning. We will confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan with you before constructing the appliance and retainer.

We will then contact you with a date to fit the appliance and organise a series of appointments for inter-proximal reduction if required as part of treatment. At the completion of treatment (usually less than 14 weeks) Dr Siddons will prepare and bond the retainer on the inside of your teeth. The retainer is there to prevent any relapse of your new smile.

Patient a 21 year old male presented complaining of lower crowding. LR was used to straighten the lower anteriors after 1.5mm of inter proximal reduction.

On completion of treatment a discreet bonded retainer was positioned to prevent any movement of the straightened teeth. Treatment was completed in 14 weeks.

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Zoom AP

Our Zoom AP tooth whitening treatment is used by celebrity band JLS... >>


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